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Customized Holidays for Groups and Inviduals

Customized Holidays for Families, Friends, Lovers and Special Interest Groups

Enchanté and Bienvenue a FranceVisits! We are so happy you are here and considering a journey to France! Right now, we are in the process of updating our website and as this happens, we hope that you will still get in touch with us, as we can provide you a lot of information via email as our website gets completed!

We are experts in developing customize itineraries all over France based on your "wish list" of what you want to see in France.

From transportation to private tours, holiday homes, excursions from your cruise ship and local, friendly staff members to assist you with enjoying the best of France, we have you covered from wherever you land to when you depart.

Working with us can often save you a great deal of time and frustration during your travels because we can give you advice about where you should avoid renting a car, places where it would be in your advantage to have a car and/or transportation set up.

France is a huge country with so very much to visit. In some areas of the country and in some towns, villages and cities it makes sense to pre-schedule tours and visits. In other areas you don't need to set anything up - you can just show up and not spend a cent.

We can provide you with all of this type of information and when you work with us, we create packages with a lot of savings because how are business model works is that we get commission from our partners (the best in the business.). They pay us, not you and so you get the services and we still make money.

It's a win - win situation for everybody ! Vraiment Fantastique!

We hope you will get in touch with us so we can start helping you plan a journey of a lifetime!

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Client Testimonials

We're home now from the most amazing trip to Italy! I can't thank you enough for your efforts and coordination of what was without question the finest vacations I've been on to date.

- Carol Carson